“We’ve used Telerecruiting to reach out to students at many different stages in the college selection process – inquiries, incomplete applicants, non-FAFSA filers and accepted students. Their callers are the best in the business and the follow-up that they provide is invaluable.”
Jonathan D. Wexler
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Fairleigh Dickinson University
“I’ve worked with Gina and her team of telerecruiters for many years. Their callers are highly knowledgeable about all aspects of the admissions and financial aid process.  We recently used Telerecruiting Corp. to reach out to our financial aid recipients. Their feedback was timely and extremely valuable. Telerecruiting Corp. has my highest recommendation.”
Gary Hamme
Associate Vice President for Enrollment
Florida Institute of Technology
“Through the help of Telerecruiting Corp. we experienced record attendance at our Fall Open Houses. Their callers are truly phenomenal.”
Zakia Wright
Enrollment Office
Stevenson University

“Over the last 13 years, Telerecruiting has called thousands of students on behalf of Mount Saint Mary’s University. As a partner in our recruitment efforts, their work has been outstanding.  Their telerecruiters have previously worked professionally in admissions, so they have a thorough understanding of the admissions process and act as an extension of the campus based admission team.”
Dean Kilgour
Vice President for Enrollment
Mount Saint Mary’s University
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gina Campbell and her crew of callers for close to 20 years. We’ve used their services to help convert hot prospects into applicants as well as to obtain in-depth feedback from non-enrolling admits. The callers at Telerecruiting take the time to determine what is important to each student and their interactions with parents are exceptional.”
Perry Robinson
Vice President and Director of Admissions
Denison University

“I’ve worked with the folks at Telerecruiting for 16 years. Telerecruiting phone campaigns are an integral part of our comprehensive marketing plan. I have complete confidence in their callers, and all of us in the Admissions Office feel that their callers are part of our team.”
Joel Weyand
Vice President for Enrollment
Doane College
“Telerecruiting has been a key component of our overall marketing strategy for a significant number of years.  Their customer service is outstanding and all of their callers are truly professional.  We entrust them with contact to our prospective students throughout various stages during the admissions funnel. We look forward to our continued collaboration with Telerecruiting for many years to come.”
Kristen Capezza
Executive Director of Admissions
Adelphi University
“Hendrix College attracts students who are independent thinkers - the type of students who delve deeply into subjects and who feel completely comfortable engaging in conversation with adults. The callers at Telerecruiting Corp. have the background necessary to speak thoughtfully and intelligently with our prospects and their parents.  We’ve been working with Telerecruiting for the past 14 years, and I can recommend their service without hesitation.”
Karen Foust
Executive Vice President for Enrollment
Hendrix College
“In terms of professionalism, enthusiasm, and overall knowledge about college admissions process, Telerecruiting Corp.’s team of callers are unsurpassed. We’ve used their services for many years for a wide range of calls including calls to inquiries, incomplete applicants and accepted students. Our Admissions Counselors highly value the feedback that they provide.”
W. Kent Barnds
Vice President for Enrollment
Augustana College
“I have used TeleRecruiting Corp. for many call campaigns over the years from inquiry calling to financial aid follow-up calling.  The callers are informed, professional and extremely good at letting our team know exactly what the student needs and how we should follow-up.  The call campaigns and exchange of data are efficient and help us to get through a large volume of calls quickly and to know where we stand.”
Elizabeth Key
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Westminster College
“I used Telerecruiting for many years when I was the Director of Admissions, and I found their callers to be exceptional.  We experienced a substantial increase in campus visits as a result of their calls.”
Chris Markle
Senior Development Officer
Susquehanna University